Architectural Precast Concrete

Architectural Precast Concrete has a myriad of different possibilities in terms of its appearance and its form. Concrete can be shaped, moulded, coloured, textured, polished, grit-blasted and etched like no other construction material, whilst still retaining its long-term performance, durability, resistance to fire and acoustic properties. Cornish Concrete Products with its wealth of experience is able to bring these possibilities to fruition.

All architectural precast concrete is manufactured under controlled factory conditions in a state of the art production facility thus ensuring quality of finish as well as all of the advantages with off-site construction such as speed of construction, elimination of the effects of all but the most severe weather, reduction in waste and the elimination of additional wet trades on site. Early co-ordination with designers is recommended to ensure that construction tolerances and fixings can be factored in so that the client gets the building they desire, and that the contractor is able to ensure smooth erection of the cladding and contract programme.

Whilst CCP will supply materials from a wide range of sources, elements can also be formed with “ecocrete” environmentally friendly concrete which has a minimum of 80% locally sourced secondary materials.