Architectural precast concrete is comparable to natural stone as a building material in both appearance and performance, yet it is readily available and provides a cost effective alternative on projects from simple domestic housing to complicated schemes such as commercial buildings. It can be formed to almost any shape and size the designer wishes and can equal, or even surpass, the technical capabilities of natural stone in terms of strength, moisture penetration and colouring.

Major advances have been made in mix design, batching, manufacture and curing. As manufacturers, CCP’s aim is to produce a material, which resembles the quarried product as closely as possible. The colour and texture of most stones can now be matched using crushed rock fines and/ or carefully selected and graded natural sands, usually mixed with white cement. The range of shades can be extended by the use of grey cement and pigments.

Correct curing of all types of cast stone is essential both for the resistance to damage during transport and construction as well as durability and appearance over time.