Increasingly, with high land prices, basements are being built to provide some some the advantages listed below:


Advantages of Basements

  • More living space
  • Enhanced property values
  • Better utilisation of building land 
  • Improved use of sites with difficult land

Construction Method

CCP offer precast basement units using the twin (double) wall construction method. Twin walls are essentially a precast/insitu concrete hybrid which offers all of the advantages of precast concrete with the robustness that insitu concrete affords under the ground. A double wall is a precast concrete unit comprises of two concrete leaves; typically 65mm thick connected with steel lattice girders. The unit is relatively light as there is a cavity between the units which is filled with insitu concrete.

When the unit is installed on site, it is temporarily propped and connecting steel to other adjacent double walls or half floor units is placed in the cavity prior to concreting. Once the concrete has hardened a single monolithic element is created. The process is fast and avoids expensive on site formwork as the leaves act as permanent formwork. The units have an outstanding high quality factory surface finish which can be very difficult to achieve on site.

• Considerable saving on main contractor programme and contract preliminary items such as scaffolding
• Factory controlled conditions ensure accuracy and quality
• Greatly reduced labour on site
• Excellent acoustic characteristics
• Excellent fire resistance, Class 0, BS8110:Part 2 or to  Eurocode 2 Part 1-2
• Immediate cosmetic finish, décor can be applied to both faces as soon as the building is watertight
• Environmentally friendly - minimum of waste on site
• System can be also used for modular construction enabling buildings to be erected quickly
• Continuous joint connections enable a more economic structural form

In basement construction, excellent waterproofing is essential and the necessary waterstops and membranes can be incorporated into the design.

The double wall panels are fully detailed with respect to reinforcement, cast-in items and openings for windows, doors and services. Any wall geometry can be accommodated within the limits of the pallets on which they are manufactured. Electrical services can also be included in the pre-engineering of the panels at the design stage. Electrical back boxes and conduits can also be cast in, if required.

Twin wall panels for basements also come with an insulated Thermowall sandwich panel option.