Environmentally Friendly Concrete

Challenge your perceptions...

Traditionally, concrete would not necessarily be viewed as most people’s choice for an environmentally friendly product.

As demand grows for increasingly environmentally friendly solutions within the construction industry, ecocrete products have been developed as a range of environmentally friendly structural concrete products which are made from a minimum of 80% secondary sourced products.

At its core is recycled china clay waste which is washed and graded so that it can be used as sand and stone in the concrete. Additionally cement can be partially replaced with either PFA or GGBS which are waste products from the coal and steel industries. Reinforcing steel used inside the concrete is sourced from the scrap metal industry. Finally, no mains water is used in its production.

Responsible Sourcing

All ecocrete products are responsibly sourced in accordance with BES6001. CCP currently achieve "very good" status across all concrete product ranges, helping to deliver sustainable solutions. 

State of the Art Manufacturing

Many ecocrete products are manufactured in a state of the art carousel plant which creates advanced levels of efficiency whilst producing less waste. Utilising flat precision engineered pallets, a robotic plotter for the setting out of CAD drawings and magnetic backed shutters for speed, pallets are circulated through pouring, vibrating and tilting stations. These are then cleaned, ready for circulation around the computer controlled plant once more.

Ecocrete Plus

Cornish Concrete Products has further developed ecocrete plus which has a minimum overall content of 85% secondary product. This continual commitment to environmental matters assists CCP’s customers in their pursuit of BREEAM excellence. (ecocrete plus is not suitable for inclusion in all products.)