What is Thermofloor?

Thermofloor is an exposed flat soffit concrete flooring  which is supplied by CCP to site ready for decoration. As the concrete is left exposed, it is utilised as an Active Fabic Energy Store.
Widths of Thermofloor units can be varied to suit the geometry of the project. Joints between units can either be filled and smoothed prior to decoration or can be expressed as a feature.

Why choose Thermofloor?

  • Excellent finish to units
  • No need for a suspended ceiling
  • Maximise thermal mass effect
  • Reduction in follow-on trades
This graph illustrates the damping effect that the exposed thermal mass within the fabric of a building has on the external temperature.

Thicknesses of Thermofloor?

Thermofloor units are usually between 150mm and 200mm deep depending on the structural requirements, but can be made up to 500mm deep. Alternatively, CCP can supply Demidec Flooring as a thin decking slab to receive an insitu concrete topping over.

Active Cooling

 As all Thermofloor units are wet cast, CCP have the capability to cast in water pipes so that at the very warmest periods of the year, the thermal mass can be actively cooled.


CCP can provide a suitably trained and qualified installation team to carry out the erection of the floors (and stairs, if required). Full site specific method statements, lift plans and risk assessments will be provided. Any overhead obstructions or suitable hard standing for a crane will be discussed with the site team prior to any installation work commencing and these requirements will form part of the method statement.


Design work is carried out by CCP’s in house design team.

Drawings and Software

Once an order has been placed, CCP will issue layout drawings for the works to be carried out. These drawings show the supporting structure for the precast units, position of service holes, details of loading and floor finishes and typical sections through the floor. These drawings will be issued to all parties for approval. Manufacturing, loading and erection sequencing is carried out using the latest state of the art software to ensure that the transition from concept to outcome is as seamless as possible.