CCP actively assists at looking at potential solutions and finding its customers the most cost and time effective architectural and structural precast concrete solution. CCP accept that this may mean working at risk but feel that ultimately this collaboration will be of benefit to both its customers as well as ultimately being the trigger for growth for the company.


CCP’s in-house design team will design and detail precast elements to be incorporated into the works including helping to co-ordinate the inclusion of the precast concrete and its interfaces with other materials.


CCP offer a complete installation service, complete with site specific method statements, risk assessments and lift plans. CCP’s installation team will liaise directly with the site team to ensure that all elements of the works are considered and discussed with the main contractor.


CCP have modern production facilities including a state of the art carousel plant with a robotic plotter and tilting station with an additional 4 tilting tables for bespoke works.

It has 5 beds for prestressing Beam & Block floors and Hollow Core Floor, variable stair mould, liftshaft and retaining wall systems as well as the ability to manufacture bespoke works for the structural, infrastructure and architectural markets with its trained and skilled operatives.