CCP design, supply and install precast staircases custom made to suit client’s requirements. Units are typically either supported off blockwork with separate landings and flights or supported from steelwork with integral quarter landings. In concrete cores, there are a variety of different support options available.

Staircase units come with a range of potential finishes but can be left fairfaced if required. Stair flights are cast upside down in variable steel moulds with landings being cast in CCP’s state of the art carousel plant. 

CCP also cast in visual contrast and non-slip strips and nosings as required. A fitted tread protection service can also be provided.

Advantages of precast staircases

  • Reduced site programme
  • High quality finish
  • Instant working access
  • Just in time deliveries
  • Quieter site operations

CCP have a long history of producing high quality architectural feature staircases in a variety of shapes and forms from helical and elliptical stairs to spiral staircases and open tread staircases with a central spine beam and cantilever treads.