Our beam and block flooring system comprises of inverted pre-stressed concrete t-beams infilled with block.
We manufacture 155mm deep concrete beams spanning up to 6m.
These are wet cast and made in a steel bed giving a superior finish and dimension tolerance.
Our beams are made to order and not stocked in increments.
Typically, 440mm x 215mm x 100mm blocks with a density of 1800kg/m are used to infill our t- beams.
Although we do not provide the block infills, our designs can accommodate varying block densities and dimensions.

Benefits include;

  •  Easy to handle
  •  Quick to install
  •  Simple all weather form of construction
  •  Provides an immediate working platform
  •  Draught proof, rot proof and fire resistant
  •  Problems caused by ground movement are eliminated
  •  Good thermal insulation

Further information;

155mm beam profile
Load span table

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