Crosswall construction has the ability to connect walls and floors together avoiding the need for a steel or concrete frame.

Load bearing walls transmit vertical loads and act as shear walls to prevent lateral movement.

Lateral support can also be achieved by transmitting loads via the floor slab back to lift shafts, stair cores or other structural walls.

Because there is no frame, there are no structural down stands required to accommodate beams.

Whilst structures up to 16 storeys have been completed in the UK using this form of construction, it is just as suited to domestic housing.


  • Acoustic separation is minimised due to the density of the floors and walls
  • Inherent thermal mass
  • Greater security
  • Excellent air tightness of the monolithic structure
  • Reduced site co-ordination as many follow-on trades are eliminated
  • Reduced preliminary costs due to reduced programme times
  • Robust structure
  • Reduced heating and maintenance mosts
  • Improved health and safety
  • No scaffold solution
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