Our Demidec is a thin precast concrete plate, typically 60mm deep, although this can vary depending on the use. The plate is supplied with a projecting steel lattice girder system that enables it to provide permanent formwork and integral tension reinforcement for insitu concrete toppings.

All Demidec floors are manufactured in a state of the art carousel plant on precision engineered flat steel pallets. Shutters are held in place using magnets ensuring that the quality of the pallets are not compromised. Sockets, channels and electrical boxes can be cast into the units along with conduits.

Demidec floors produce a soffit ready for direct decoration. Each plank is cast with a small chamfer along the horizontal edge. Units are nominally 2400mm wide, although this can be varied to suit the geometry of the site so that the joints between units can be expressed.

The units are suitable for a variety of different applications.

Benefits include;

  • Flat soffit
  • High quality finish
  • Maximised thermal mass effect
  • Reduced sound
  • Speed of erection¬†
  • Cost¬†comparative
  • Instant working platform
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