Feature Stairs – Helical

Our concrete helical staircases are cast upside down in bespoke steel moulds. This allows us to produce helical stairs to suit the geometry of the particular project. The multi-faceted soffits which follow the curved lines of the geometry of the helix are formed with a steel trowel by skilled operatives.

The finishes to the helical stairs can be further enhanced with a mixture of fair-facing and the use of applied finishes as shown in the finishes section, in particular, acid etching and polished concrete.

By casting in steel, we are able to provide a high quality finish to the treads and risers of the staircase.

Feature Stairs – Spiral

Spiral staircases are a feature to enhance any building. The smooth lines of the concrete are accentuated by the curve of the staircase. A choice of handrails are available upon request.

Spiral staircases consist of individual treads around a central steel column and base plate and can be supplied with an integral landing or fixed to an existing floor.

Staircases can be supplied in either 1050mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1500mm radii or to a greater radius if required and are set at either 22.5 ° (16 treads for a full circle) or 18 ° (20 treads for a full circle) depending on the radius of the staircase.

Feature Stairs – Cantilever open tread

These are formed in one piece with the treads cantilevering from the wall and no other visible means of support. The effect is stunning, particularly when all the wall and tread elements are visible.

Feature Stairs – Open tread

Our open tread staircases are designed to allow light to permeate through and to turn a functional staircase into an architectural feature.

They are supplied with a cast stone spine beam with treads cantilevering out from each side to create a gull wing effect. Alternatively, they can be supplied with either a single steel string or a pair of strings where the treads are simply supported on each side. Whichever configuration is chosen, open tread staircases create an eye-catching feature.

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