Our hollow core floor planks provide a fast, labour saving, method for laying a suspended floor.

Planks are pre-stressed with continuous longitudinal voids achieved by using polystyrene void formers. As units are wet cast with specific lifting arrangements, soffits can be left exposed for direct decoration, maximising the thermal mass effect.

However, as with all pre-stressed floors, units have a camber, so customers requiring flat soffits with a high quality finish should consider other flat soffit floor options.

We can manufacture hollow core planks in various depths;

100mm and 150mm solid planks 150mm hollow core 200mm hollow core 250mm hollow core 300mm hollow core

Benefits include;

  • Lightweight, easy and quick to install
  • Long span/depth ratio
  • Improved sound and thermal insulation
  • Immediate working platform
  • Eco friendly and 100% recyclable
  • Fire resistant
  • Supported on masonry or steel

Further information;

Load span table

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