We can design, supply and install precast concrete stairs specific to client requirements.

Flights can be supported off built in precast landings or can be made with quarter landings attached bearing onto steelwork supports.

We generally cast staircases face down in variable steel moulds but can cast on their side or face up to suit the client’s requirements.

If the staircase is outside of the parameters of the formwork system, then we will use bespoke steel moulds to achieve the necessary output.

Connections between precast units are generally by halving joint. When connecting to insitu concrete frames, steel angles are usually used. There is the option to use invisible sliding stair connectors if required.

L Shaped tread and riser units

L’ shaped tread and riser units are available and can be supported off blockwork walls each side. These are ideally suited to small works where no crane access is possible and for contracts with little or no repetition between units.


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