We designed, detailed, manufactured and installed all the main elements of the building – walls, floors, stairs and the roof.

Our crosswall system, which has traditionally been used in the construction of hotels, student residences, flats and prisons has been developed into one which can be customised to suit one-off bespoke buildings.

For the architect, the quality of finish was a high priority. It was essential that the design was not compromised by poor detailing. Due to transportation restrictions, wall panels were cast with dummy joints to replicate the lines of the floor panels over. The formed finish to the walls and ceilings were smooth with the natural variations in colour that are associated with concrete. For the client this meant that it could never be mistaken for plaster and the desired aesthetic was achieved.

Other than grouting in propping holes, the only treatment the concrete received was a clear coat of Keim mineral paint to seal it. None of the crosswall fixings are visible so that all that is expressed is the concrete itself.

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