Originally designed as an insitu concrete construction, in conjunction with the main contractor we developed a design so that the building could be constructed in double walls and demidec floor planks instead.

The scheme was altered to accommodate double walls principally because of the programme time saving and certainty.

The double walls acted as permanent concrete formwork with tie reinforcement between panels and stitched into the demidec floors. Thus a single monolithic structure was created.

With two sides of the building on the perimeter edge of the site, walls and the roof had to be designed to withstand bomb blast loading, in particular at the joints between panels. Our in-house design team developed joint details sufficient to cope with parameters of the contract.

Traditional solid crosswall construction would have been unable to cope with the joint detail requirements, and so this hybrid system was considered ideal, cost effective and most importantly, time critical with the three storey accommodation block being erected on site in just 14 weeks.

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